Cultural Day Out

An-nyung-haseyo, yesterday’s day out was one of those touristy things were farmers supplement their income by having Cultural Theme Farms.  The people were lovely and the sik-dang (restaurant) lunch excellent Bimbibap. Jeo-neun bimbibap real joa-ham-nida (I like bimbibap) which is vegetables, a little pork and rice mixed with a chilli paste.  They give you a broth to have alongside it but I (the culture vulture) thought is was better with the broth in the mix.  They then had us playing outdoor games , we watched them creating tofu and tried it fried like an omelette and also with a chilli and ginger paste on the top.  After that we created a “beautiful” mobile phone charm which attaches to that bit of your phone where you would attach a strap. Finally we made tie died “mufflers”,  with vegetable dye. After dinner we had to spend another two hours planning our final Sunday presentation. We meet the education provincial heads on Monday prior to Tuesdays departure to the provinces to meet our gyo-jang (Principal).  I passed the medical and celebrated with a couple of Hoegaarden with Jackie, another mature teacher from Melbourne, ho-ju (Australia). Back for suggested 10.30pm curfew and some posting of pics. An-nyeong-hee ga-seo-yo (goodbye), nae-il bow-yo (see you tomorrow)