Off to E-mart


Remember the Strongbow advert where the guys climb the tower block with a sofa and retire to the pub for a well deserved pint, the old lady calls them to say she has a striped one and she wants it replacing with the one she ordered. Well, in SK they have ways that make the mountain come to Mohammed, he presses a button and the crane delivers the sofa to the 15th floor!

I found another temple, that of the Seated Steel Buddha. I was cordially greeted by a lady monk with a semi-shaved head, it was nice to see someone greyer that me (I am sure the men tinker with dye and I bet it’s veggie dye).  I think she was delighted that someone had “discovered” her and the temple, once again the map indicated a glorious position on a main road when in fact it was about 1200m from the road and about 5 turns later I found it.  I can once again celebrate the brown heritage signs, a great global idea.

Once at e-mart I discovered a polo shaped memory cushion bum saver for £4, snap food containers for 90p and it is best to shop at e-mart on a Monday, no kids or SPECIAL OFFER sellers. Oh and for SDG and PDG the answer to the “cannot find stock cubes” question is that they bung in the pre-prepared paste to create “authentic” Korean food, hence no need for stock cubes. Enjoy Watergate Bay, Padstow, authentic Fish & Chips and your slumming it at Jamies’s place. Make sure Atmos and Georgie get a doggie bag! Deb the apartment in Malaga looks great. Roberto Mancini get your head sorted and play Aguero, Fergie played an attacking formation and look at the outcome, you are NOT in Italy now! At this rate we will have to play Godzilla Tevez again and we wouldn’t want to frighten school children.