St Patricks Day and Chungju Dam


There was a meet up last night at Groover bar where the entry was 15,000 Won (£9) but all drinks were included, this morning I decided to venture out on the new bike. All the main streets of Chungju have bike lanes indicated on the footpaths, which is good as they are right hand drive roads so it could get dodgy.  I decided to head down to Peace Park as I had seen cycle lanes there heading out across the lake.  It turns out there are 140km of country cycle lanes in Chungju and these are all pretty new.  The whole of the waterfront is being landscaped with wetlands, walkways, seating, cycle lanes, mini golf, fountains, soccer, gyms etc etc. I set off not really  having a destination but saw the signs for Chungju Dam which is around 10km out of town in the mountains, the pics show the journey. It should be great when Spring arrives!!!!!


3 thoughts on “St Patricks Day and Chungju Dam

  1. Like your bike, especially the MC colours, you will stand out in th crowd. Your colleagues seem like a social bunch. Can you post pictures of them?
    Yesterday England gave the irish a good seeiing to, not a great game of rugby. Many pints were drunk. kevin sends his best wishes.

    • I didn’t take pictures as I am not so sure it is the done thing on a night out, Confucius and all that! I will ask if I can take pictures of them with Ss this week. As for the Rugby a positive move in the right direction, thanks to Kevin, I suspected a heavy weekend as I had not heard from you. Make sure Chris sees the Zippy dog in my Sunday pictures. My Facebook has a picture from Saturday’s Paddies night at Groover.

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