The Famous Five


The Famous Five are a group of contemporaries who have the sort of adventures almost all action hero teams dream about, in a world where copious quantities of Cabernet, Young’s and Gin flow; Jumbo Fish & Chips are a staple diet. Carol, Chris, Greg, Susan and John are a formidable collection of souls that any Terminator would fear.

Carol is almost single-handedly taking on the world of real estate in Brighton; Chris is looking forward to legislating on the misspent youth of the nations teenagers.  Greg, code name “Saracen”, not the Gladiator, has developed his own superpower “patience”, he needs it in scoops for his new post at the dysfunctional font of academia, Westking. Susan has retired to run a B&B is Southernmost France but it is here she schemes and plots a yearly return to the UK, maybe just for the Fish & Chips, who knows? John on the other hand is stoically hanging on in hell until shortly after Chris escapes, whence he will embark on a period of self-denial and abstinence as he converts to Zen Buddhism, he has the figure but I suspect not the commitment!

The Famous Five got together with their glad rags on to celebrate the temporary departure of their own boy wizard, “Fat Gaz”, who is a legend in his own mind.

Gary claiming he is on sabbatical, has actually left to become a secret agent plotting the downfall of the corrupt, unstable and distinctly untalented management at Westminster Kingsway College in Central London. Gary has cropped his hair to disguise the mass of grey that inhabits what bit he has left and struts about doing teachery, not treachery, in far-flung climbs such as South Korea. Be warned he will return! He is running around Korea on his Kia-Soul cycle as if he owns the place but all the time considering quietly his revenge, his aim to put daggers through the hearts of many in Kings X.

Goodnight, the Hooded Claw


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  1. Fabulous story, and nearly all true of course….looking forward to it being the ‘Sensational Six’ (sorry, seven, don’t forget Paul) when we get you back! C X

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