We are Back!


The death of the laptop and the boundless, pointless security features on the system at work made the blog grind to a halt. Anyway after complaints about my Neolithic laptop they provided me with a 4-year-old Centrino driven brick running Windows XP, configured in Englishy. This has enabled me to download the WordPress software at home even though it is blocked at work…hey presto back to blogging!

I learned three things about Korean women this week; Firstly they cannot walk in high heels; Secondly some are incredibly bandy and thirdly the frocks (Hanbok) they wear to a wedding are horrendously unflattering.

From a supermarket experience on Sunday, they get grumpier the older they get; on second thoughts we all do! In saying that we don’t all intentionally walk into younger folk in supermarkets then cuss under our breath.

They also appear obsessive about church or at least evangelical about our failing society.  The Buddhists appear to hate church goers and see them as radical and dysfunctional. They (the Christians) have ranted and raved about how  GaGa will single-handedly corrupt the youth of the nation.

A member of South Korea’s Alliance for Sound Culture In Sexuality puts up a street banner against Lady Gaga’s concert in downtown Seoul this week. Conservative South Korean Christians accused the US pop star of advocating homosexuality and pornography.

Accused of contaminating youngsters with “satanic” dance moves and “intolerable” outfits, the cult of Lady Gaga is on a collision course with Asia’s moral guardians ahead of her mammoth world tour.

This  wedding ceremony in south Korea drew a fully participative audience of over 20,000  church followers that wanted to witness a historic event.

The  South Korean Unification Church helped marry over 2000 couples from 54 different countries in under a day. The founder of the church is Sun Myung Moon, he and his wife were there to take part in the mass blessing ceremony. Every married couple had holy water sprinkled upon them.  Chouchane Saemie said, “This whole experience has been absolutely amazing. I mean I am really really happy to have met Lisun and really happy that we are together now and really look forward to years ahead and so getting to know her well”.  The odd aspect of this mass marriage was that a good portion of the couples had just met prior to the ceremony and some didn’t even even speak the same language, but were married all the same.

“My arse” as Jim Royle would have said, with mad god botherers and site unseen marriages they should start to worry about the robots that they are developing in the schools system. Individualism is frowned upon and creativity seen as detrimental to the future success of the nation, all for one and one for all, maybe it’s the fear of revolution. They could do with a few Citizen Smith style “urban guerrillas”, “Power to the People” and “Freedom for Chungju”. In reality, they are developing an army of unemployed dreamers who have no life plans and who are beset by laziness and are completely disorganised. The nation is completely convinced they will continue to progress economically as they have for the past 30 years when the reality is their economic miracle is exhibiting the same failings as ours. For Apple see Samsung who now manufacture everything abroad in true neo-colonial fashion; labour is cheap and plentiful and yesterday Samsung posted record profits; at the same time unemployment among the young mirrors that of the UK.

I got into the Mountains again this weekend heading for Chungju Lake along the well-groomed cycle paths garlanded with Spring flowers. On the other side of the Dam it’s a fast descent towards the lake and I expected a winding road, pretty flat, following the outline of the lake but no way Jose! Yes it was winding but it zigzagged inland and back towards the lake and rose to around 775m at an incline of around 35 degrees in places….another one of those hillocks! It was simply too steep to cycle up and the ascent took around an hour; guess what? I did not see any other cyclists nor did I see any buses, only 4 wheel drives and giggling motorists, now I wonder who they were giggling at? There was the worlds most inaccessible Jazz club half way up the mountain but I suspect this was a secret meeting place for the Koreans and their mistresses, more upmarket than the usual “drive-in” seedy motels. There were some excellent camera moments and including my detour towards Eomjeong it took around 5.5 hours. The good thing was on arriving back some of the girls had organised a Sunday lunch which made a welcome change from spicy food.

Well this week has been a cracker, exam week, no classes, early finishes and today and tomorrow are sports days.  The teachers played the kids today in the last match and we won 3-1. I am increasingly confident that the tendonitis in my knees will never go away, I just have to suffer if I want to join in, which I do.You will notice umbrella’s and covered heads today particularly with the girls, they do not want anything other than pale skin!

Some pics from the weekend and today’s sports:

This brick will never be an Apple, I have to fiddle and fart around and I even forgot to edit the pics before posting them because it’s so slow and time-consuming. If HMRC could get their act together they could send me some money and I could return to the cult of Apple.  I had to replace the phone I brought because it didn’t talk to Smartphones, anyway I bought an iPhone 4S, how did I wait so long? The Apps from iPad sync seamlessly and it has the camera so I can use Skype or Facetime.

Finally, I saw this quote at Yeongmosal temple on Sunday.

The mind is everything; what you think you become.

I think my bloody knee is hurting that must mean I am a pain!