On your knees and pray boy!


On my way home I made a detour to Terminal to collect some tickets for Saturdays jaunt to Seoul, little did I know I would be stalked by an evangelical mad man!

He accosted me as I left the building, demanding to know if I was a Christian, I said nay but I am a Man City fan and so I can claim to have suffered in purgatory for some 2000 plus years.  I also told him that I am a complete none-believer but that it is possible that I am leaning towards believing in re-incarnation. In fact Roberto Mancini could be a re-incarnation of Moses for leading us into the promised land.  I also said that the Etihad was my version of heaven and that David Silva or possibly Ageuro may represent Christ in his second coming. He said I would be condemned to hell in quite good Englishy. I said I knew that and that I was fully ready for damnation as I had worked at Westminster Kingsway College. Further to that hades would be visited on Monday night as I take up my bi-yearly ritual as an armchair England fan. I think that finally bamboozled him and he left cursing.


One thought on “On your knees and pray boy!

  1. I got ‘doorbelled’ by a couple of guys early one Saturday morning – in my sleepwear. This was a few weeks before Easter. They wanted to know if I had met their friend, Jesus. I said I was new to the town, and I really hadn’t met anyone yet. They then insisted that I meet their friend Jesus. I told them I would have to delete someone off Facebook, if I were to befriend Jesus. This confused them, and it was at this point they started to treat me as if I suffered from brain damage – and carefully explained to me who Jesus was. It was amusing to listen to two non-native English speakers speak English really slowly and clearly and loudly. After they finished their story about their friend Jesus, they offered me some ‘literature’. I told them I was illiterate – that’s when they left. They haven’t come back!

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