After losing my wallet and cancelling my Seoul plans Michelle and I had a great meal and vino at Bella Luna last night and a Mojito at Jazz and Sanjay. Later we headed for Groover.  The heady night saw me observing a succession of drinking games and instigated the need for a bike ride to clear my head this morning.  I headed out past Konkuk University, mainly because its flat and there are cycle ways out to the two temples that I wanted to visit. The roads were very quiet and the temples more so.  The first temple Danhosa I had visited before, there is a spring of fresh water that flows through a turtles mouth so refreshment is free and it was around halfway to my new destination. I was heading for a temple near to Daerimsanseong Fortress, I had seen the temple before but the climb had put me off. It’s about a 1km vertigo busting climb but it was worth the effort. The perspiration made my eyes sting as I clung to the ropes lining the vertical pathway to the top. Knee trembling in places it took around 20 minutes to climb to the top. The temple complex isn’t large but the bell tower affords great views across the Namhamgang river valley and across to General Lim Chung-mins tomb. The only monk who was in residence kindly came out with water and a face wipe. I wandered around the complex for about 20 minutes and read yesterdays Guardian on the iPad.  I wanted to get home early afternoon as I had the two Euro games to watch on iplayer……. the terror of another England campaign beckons tomorrow.  The terror of being with Santander continues, their staff are nothing short of being either appallingly stupid or immensely ignorant.  I cannot get through to any of the international dialling number they KEEP sending to me and they simply never clearly answer my queries. They have still not confirmed that my card has been stopped and I thought it opportune to record that fact here on WordPress.  Why can the credit card company acknowledge me instantaneously and this great useless Spanish behemoth makes my life a misery?  No wonder they are in the s*** much more so than the UK! Apparently Santander stands for Saint Andrew and as we all know it is a port in Northern Spain, well Saint Andrew has my devolution vote and most definitely their Armada is sinking.

I am submitting my summer holiday request tomorrow, apparently I get 8 summer days and 10 winter days. Someone tried to include weekends and a public holiday in that allowance but I’ve had the contract out and that particular hole will not be stepped in! There are of course many other holidays here and the rest of the summer is half day working (I think). Time will tell.