Blue moon rising and quickly falling! Maybe rising again!

I thought that the Blue Moon may be rising as I was informed (by a student) that the new Man City replica (2012/2013) shirt had arrived. It’s certainly not new now. It looks like they will continue to wear the strip everyday this week, (they are wearing them in class now), it will therefore stink and look shit on Saturday for the big competition! The students less than exemplary behaviour was highlighted by the fact that they did not even ask permission to use the outfit! They opened the box, and followed this by choosing their favourite numbered shirt without finding out if they are actually in the team! One point worth mentioning is they were kind enough NOT to wear the socks!

Please accept this disclaimer that my comments are not anti-Korean but a simple statement of FACT!

Post script, I have been too harsh, they are after all only 15 and 16. They are wearing MCFC strips on the bus in the middle of rural Korea! Bless em! I may have to give the club a call to see ithey’re can donate some stuff. Job for this evening! Maybe it’s on the riseagain, I’m a sillyold fart!

Let’s hope the Chungwon High School Blue Moon can avoid defeat in Saturdays competition. 9.30 kickoff, Chungju Industrial High School (Gonggno???). God only knows where that is, I have been told I do not need to know as I will get a lift….ok until the car breaks down! :-).

I have decided to offer to wash and iron on Friday evening!

PPS. Very positive vibes on Friday, could there be a surprise result? It would be heaven sent!