The Blue Moon Rises and the Sun has Smiled

Well, it wasn’t to be but they could be very proud of themselves. 6 weeks after a stern mauling of 10-0 our newly manicured Chungwon Blue Moon lost again, this time 3-0 but the scoreline masked a supremely improved performance and bodes well for the future. They were matched against another high school team who have a reputation to fear but fear they did not.  They played with spirit, organisation and a discipline that the scoreline betrays. Possession wise the teams were evenly matched and the Blues competed for ever ball with grit and determination, I was very proud of them!

They created 3  fantastic opportunities during the game, the bar defying them on one occasion and poor rushed finishing on the other 2.  As for the other team their opportunities were gifted by lack of defensive discipline, particularly on the part of the goalkeeper, who at best can be described as shaky but in all honesty was inept positionally and in terms of marshalling the defence.

There is a platform for the future and we spoke to the principal about organising more regular fixtures and maybe entering a local league; onwards and upwards. My colleague and coach of the middle school gave us immeasurable help in terms of translating everything into Korean and it was obvious that much of what we wanted to happen did.

Watching the other teams play; they had a greater physical presence but in no way did their skills level meet or exceed the Blues from Chungwon.  Most of these teams were settled and regularly perform, ours just the six weeks of lunchtime practice had lead to a group of young men who could hold their heads high and look forward to better things in the future.

After the game we watched the Chungwon girls compete in a badminton competition and when I left two of them were in the semi-finals. We had a great lunch and I headed home through downtown feeling justly proud of the improvement they (the Blues) had made.  Exams next week so the boys will be down to earth with a bump.

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  1. well done Gary you are marking a tremendous mark in the life’s of the Korean boys, at least in years to come they will remember their experience with laughter and enjoyment. Keep at it and your team will win, they look a smart team in their blue shirts.

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