Plenty of Dogs, Mud Pies, Dysfunctional Monks and G4S Security this Summer!

The Lotte department store in Jeonju produced this endearing sign, unfortunately for them it was intended to read “Beach,” not “Bitch.” Scooby Dooby Dooooooo!

It’s that weekend again the 13th annual Boryeong Mud Festival is held this weekend in Boryeong, a town some 200 km South of Seoul.  Last year, some 260,000 locals and foreigners came to see and take part in this celebration. Sang Ji will be represented by among others the first lady of Chungju, Carissa Heighway.

Festival seafront attractions will include: a mud pool, mudslides, mud prison and mud skiing competitions. Coloured mud is also produced for body painting. A large stage is erected on the beach, where Soju ridden revellers party all night.

mud3 The Korean Mud Festival: Unexpected Fun and Frolic picture

Although the festival lasts for some two weeks, the last weekend is the most famous. The Mud Festival has become very popular with South and North Koreans, western tourists, American military personnel stationed in the country and foreign English teachers working in Korea. A giant fireworks display marks the end of the festivities, after which everyone takes a bath and goes home, refreshed and jubilant from their most unusual shared experience.

Six monks from South Korea’s Jogye order were caught on film gambling, smoking and drinking! The monk who released the video said that the six gambled away about US$875,000 in 13 hours of continuous playing! Where would Buddhist monks get that much money you may ask? Well, the video was taken in a hotel room during one of the memorial services for one of their dear departed colleagues. This controversial event happened several days before Buddhists celebrated the birthday of the Buddha, one of the biggest events on the religion’s calendar. Gambling outside of casinos also is prohibited in South Korea unless you count crossing the road.

It sounds like a scene from Chopping Mall, an ’80s horror flick involving killer robot security guards, but I assure you, it’s real life.

South Korea has unveiled robot prison guards.

robo guard 500x322 South Korean Prisons Debut Robot Guards picture

Called “Correction Service Robots,” the sleek-looking robots are being referred to as a “game changer” for the modern prison service.  Equipped with cameras and microphones, they can allow human guards to communicate with prisoners remotely. The robots move around on their own, though they can be controlled via iPad as well. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects is their “precognition” abilities–sensing prisoners’ moods and behaviors. If they notice anything out of the ordinary, they can signal a guard to come help. The robot guards are being tested in South Korea, meaning we can expect the robot overlords to begin their assault on the world shortly.  One can assume Slasher George and the not so sweet Cameroooon had considered them to police the terrorist threat at the London Olympics.  As usual G4S were given the contract (leading Tories must have shares) realising not employing anyone at all would be the cheapest and most effective way to pocket the 250 million windfall the Tories pushed their way.

Have a fabulous weekend!