Korean Male Haircuts

I saw a post that Korean pop stars style their hair with Vaseline and elephant semen, this probably is not true as I have not seen any elephants strolling down Chungju high street. Vaseline like all other product is prohibitively expensive in SK.  Whatever is used they are extremely camp and femme and the school kids try to copy them.

It has been almost a decade since Korean singer Taeyang has cut his hair; it stays in the onion style. In the current K-pop industry, most guys often wear the popular medium haircut with bangs. To us normal folk a bang is something different to the fringe it is in SK. Commentators have suggested that Taeyang should go for a Kim Bum hairstyle.

For his role in Boys over Flowers, Kim wore his hair in a medium length straight shag. A shag cut is a mid-length, very choppy style of cut. The choppy and defined layers give a slightly messy and “undone” look. The hairstyle should not look too neat; simply rough dry and add a little wax to style.

Here, not a drop of elephant semen, vaseline, shags or bangs in sight. This style is known as the “Grey Shave” and has the great advantage of costing nothing but 5 minutes of your time twice a week.


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