Essential Apps for South Korea


* Free*

Seoul’s metro system is tamed by Jihachul. Tap on your starting station and your destination;  it’ll cough up the quickest route to get you to your destination and even tell you what car number to stand at or jump onto for quick and easy transfer. Best of all, it works offline! In addition bookmarking favourites makes this process even quicker. It also maps Daegu, Busan, Daejeon and Gwangju.  Swift and proficient routing is what it offers us and also the maps are good (KTX trains and major stations are in bold, it includes above-ground exit maps.

It’s hard to envisage that this jewel of an app is still free. So capture it immediately!

“Visit Korea”


Overall, the app is in outstanding English, and delivers a integrated view of the country’s tourism services. That you can call 1330 (the country’s official tourism assistance hotline) from virtually any spot in the app makes it easy to get more information when necessary. The app is already out of date in some aspects (the Yeosu Expo is now over. It’s a great app and it’s free.

“I Tour Seoul”


i Tour Seoul is the official app of the Seoul Metropolitan Government that promotes the tourism of the city. This app is a travel guide for the city as it features travel information on restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping and hotels. It also shows your current location and nearby restaurants.

Other information is provided; currency exchange, banks, translation services etc. are also included in this app. This app also features an Augmented Reality or AR mode, built in content, transportation information details, and tourist reviews.This is a solid contribution from – with enough information built-into the app, it serves the tourists and those newer to Korea quite adequately. There’s nothing predominantly new or innovative here, but there’s nothing embarrassing either.

“Korean Food”


Korean food has grown in popularity and like all world cuisines, it goes far beyond the two or three dishes it is best known for. With some similarity to Chinese and Japanese food, but still quite different. With this free Korean cuisine app, users can learn more about the ingredients in 52 different dishes and how to make them.

“I translate”


iTranslate is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate of the bunch of translation apps.  iTranslate is simple as it is useful, allowing translation of multiple languages in both directions.  Even better, instead of the most common method of translation input; typing a phrase, iTranslate allows speaking into your device to receive your delivered translation within seconds.

This app provides a swift, trouble-free, and stylish way to translate yourself (or someone else) in order to have a Multilanguage conversation even if you speak just one language.  An iPad app exists separately.  I love using iTranslate and have found it useful in bus terminals and restaurants.  You can find yourself speaking into it to learn words in other languages.  The supported language list is quite impressive, though there’s always room for additional languages to be added.  With a free pricetag and design and functional capacity second to none, iTranslate is the best!