TAKE TIME to think;
it is the source of power.

TAKE TIME to read;
it is the foundation of wisdom.

TAKE TIME to play;
it is the secret of staying young.

TAKE TIME to be quiet;
it is the moment to clarify your thoughts.

TAKE TIME to be aware;
it is the opportunity to help others.

TAKE TIME to laugh;
it is the music of the soul.

TAKE TIME to be friendly;
it is the road to happiness.

TAKE TIME to dream;
it is what the future is made of.

Enjoy the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. Very inspiring. Reminds me of a joke. There was man who had twin sons, one a pessimist, the other an optimist. For their birthday the father bought the pessimist a toy train, a carpentry set, and a new watch. He filled his other son’s room full of horse manure. The pessimist wasn’t happy. He didn’t want a toy train, thought carpentry was a useless trade, and complained that the new watch wasn’t waterproof. Then the father heard a commotion in his other son’s room. He went to the room and saw his son waist high in horse manure, tossing it around the room with a shovel. “What are you doing?” he asked his son. “I figure that if there is this much shit in my room, there must be a pony somewhere!” he answered.

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