Why we needs holidays!

What are the effects of working long hours without taking enough holiday breaks? Are you, as most Korean’s claim, married to the Job? I would like to pass on a warning to employers and employees who don’t insist on a healthy work/life balance.

Excessive work hours can have a negative effect on job performance and can cause impaired performance and/or mistakes. Employers should make sure that they do everything in their power to improve productivity through efficiency improvements and not by overloading their staff. Staff should also be pro-active in improving team work and communication so these efficiencies can actually happen. I have to say NOT a strong point in the Korean education system. “so busy” and ” super busy” are labels used to excuse not getting things done as are the ubiquitous “business trips”.

Not taking regular breaks can also have a negative impact on your home life: While working long hours doesn’t necessarily lead to relationships breaking down, it can put a strain on relationships with partners, children and friends.

Everybody needs a break to relax and unwind, in the long run, it will be beneficial for the employee and the employer alike because it helps to cut ill-health and absenteeism.

With this in mind and a limited budget I am remaining in Korea for my winter break. I am in the middle of 10 days in Seoul, Suwon and Jeongju. I’ll be updating the blog on my return but picture editing has taken up most of my late evenings while away. Should be resuming the blog early next week.

Enjoy your holidays!