2013 Chungwon High School Sports Day


After last weeks postponement due to inclement weather the 2013 Chungwon High School Sports Day was held over the last 2 days. There were three grades represented at the sports ground and each home room had to choose a theme. the two most noticeable were the Friesian Cows, the Pyjama Clad group and Scarlet Red themed teams.

On Monday around 09:30 am mass military style exercise commenced and then at 10:00am the sports day was declared open by the Principal. All the students taking part in the sports day lined up in their themed teams . It was hot around 80 degrees (F) and events were to take place throughout the two days finishing around 3 pm. As Koreans don’t like to expose their skin to the sun most students (and teachers) were well protected, teachers wore a full track suit (pants and jacket), sun visors or hats.

The 2 day event started with soccer. The matches were by grade, the winners of each match progressing to the grade Final. I played for one third grade team home team in the Final! An ambulance was NOT called. 🙂 Another event was Soccer Baseball, or Kickball, the game fuses baseball and football. The players kick the ball instead of swinging a bat to run around the bases and score a run. A basketball comp also took place as did a badminton competition, a skipping competition and dodgeball.


We finished day 2 with athletic events, first a mini-marathon won by the pocket dynamo Kim Min Cheol; later with the teams lining up in a huge circle to create the arena, the relay events took place, again by grade. Finally the principal presented prizes to the elated kids.

I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of sports day, everyone enjoys the freedom from classes post mid-term exams. I tried to capture the spirit of the event and hopefully that shows through in the photographs.

We went home tired but happy.

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