And So Did This!

After problems with motivation, communication and frustration a giant leap forward was made on Sunday.  Chungwon FC won our first competitive soccer match.

The team has morphed with more first graders who are much more positive than some of the players we had last year. They are credit to themselves they way that they have moved forward as a “new” team so quickly and are trying to implement my favoured “Diamond” formation in midfield.

Of course we have teething problems, not helped by impatience as I want things to happen too quickly. Sundays game showed that they have character coming from a goal behind to draw level with a fantastic goal into the top corner of the net.  That character was further personified by their victory in a penalty shoot out!

We were on a high going into the second game and played the best soccer with the opposing goalkeeper making important saves. We fell for a sucker punch on the counter attack and lost the semi-final 1-0.

Putting everything into perspective we lost 10-0 and 3-0 last year and so a giant leap has been made and I am extremely proud of them. We have another tournament in four weeks time, let the force be with us!

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