Pea Soup Sunday

Last Saturday’s soccer competition has been shelved from discussion until the outcome of next Saturdays round robin; I can only say for now that it left me disappointed! Saturday evening was much more invigorating as I cooked dinner for Miss D and FOBY and we sampled immensely acceptable wine before closing the evening at Jazz & Sanjo. During a restful sleep the Lions beat the Wallabies!!!!!!

Sunday was fit for sod all but a session creating oversaturated Hipstamatic images at Chungju’s Royal Silla Tombs at Nuam-ri. We were treated to a history lesson from the imepeccably coiffured and coutured voluntary tour guide. She gave us directions to Chungju-si‘s Silla Fort where I discovered FOBY’s FOBIA is snakes. For fear of my life ne’r shall these slippery reptiles be mentioned again. I shall eat their eggs for breakfast!

Sunday evening I drowned in Kirsty Youngs back issues of Desert Island Discs which I continue to enjoy whilst scribing this little post. Jon Snow, Molly Parkin, Debbie Harry the extremely irritating Terry Gillam etc etc etc! Great fun.

Monday, we hope, brought good news, an offer on the Tottenham des res that was my home since 2005, an era has probably ended. Some great memories of great parties, people and less so of spending time with the same people in a perplexing working life at the temple of dysfunction.

Kids at school have finished exams and in no way are showing any interest in Englishy and so Barry Fun English will be the order of the day until my 26th of July departure for Beijing. A soccer update will follow on Sunday!

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  1. The scenery makes me wanna sing: … the hills are alive with the sound of music … 😀

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