Wilting humidity and the long journey home

I’d promised updates on Chungwon FC who continue to oversee the greatest number of 1-0 reversals that any soccer crew have ever endured in consecutive matches. Well I’m having a tantrum and not updating. The only comment I will make is that I have to be satisfied in the year on year improvement if not the limited dismay at defeat.  The season record reads as follows:

P 6 W 2 D 0 L 4 (all by one goal)

I am carrying a dodgy back and a need to preserve cash for my imminent return to Europe so my adventures have been restricted. In saying this my back is fine when upright and OK for cycling so I ventured out along the Dalcheon Valley in the direction of Suanbo. First I cycled through the rice paddies in the shadow of Konkuk University armed only with my iPhone 4S and my new “Oggl” obsession. I stopped off for water at Danhosa Temple and headed over the river taking the cycle path past giant stores of sand, fishermen, campers and pig slaughterers. I eventually reached what I presume are the relics of the Tomb of General ImGyeongeop. I found the usual stone turtle carrying a stele across its haunches and literature written in Hangul. I still suppose the actual tomb is close by but it remains incognito despite me climbing the bloody mountain and descending the other side.

I crossed over to the very closed Hyangsan-ri At Village; the only sign of life was 4 very friendly chained up Jindo’s. I petted them for a good 20 minutes and returned to the main cycle route. An army of cyclists suitably clad in $500 gear passed me by, I considered climbing the next mountain to the Daerimsanseong Fortress but the humidity and achy back suggested otherwise. I returned along the river valley and back through the paddy fields in time for a light lunch.

Friday sees the start of my summer vacation Beijing, London, Bolton, Liverpool, Belveze du Raze, Bolton, London, Shanghai and back to Seoul. I’ll write-up my Beijing adventure when I arrive in Bolton, until then arriverderci!

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4 thoughts on “Wilting humidity and the long journey home

  1. Great exotic pictures (as usual)
    Good to see you are still cycling about.
    We should really have a curry night catch up when you reach Bolton
    Mick n Mick (Watties D.O.)

  2. Looking forward to seeing you vacation photos! Have a wonderful (& safe ) vacation! 😀

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