Korea and the Frisbee Fried Brain = NO Business Sense!

Today involved a jaunt to Seoul to pick up a Myanmar visa for winter vacation; so en-route I pottered into Myeondong full-well knowing that the iPad Air is not yet in attendance.

Not in attendance but well investigated by this techno-Sherlock and a sure-fire soon to be devoured treat! So, I thought, let’s order one from Frisbee as there are no official Apple stores in this back-water that is a veritable cultural vacuüm when it comes to taste. The Cheobals have ensured Samsung domination in technology circles along with the mass consumption of a sweet stick called a Pepero, which serves no purpose whatsoever than to swell the coffers of Lotte for one day.

Anyhow Frisbee is the nearest we have to Apple stores and even though I knew at least 7 staff told me they had none.

“I would like to order one please!”.
“Not here sir”.
“What, I cannot order one here?”
“Yes sir”.
“Oh good, then I’ll reserve a 64GB white model”.
“No here sir, yes, not know”
“I understand you’re not sure when they arrive, I just want to reserve one!”
“Not Korea“.
“So, you’re telling me I even though in the rest of the developed world I could make a reservation prior to market launch; in Korea I can’t”.
“Korea special”
“Yes, too right its special needs!”

So there you are; in Korea you cannot pre-order an iPad Air but you can walk straight off the street and into a clinic to slice and disfigure your face assisted by a polyglot of plastic surgeons. That makes prefect business sense but pre-ordering an iPad doesn’t!

After lunch I travelled to the Myanmar Embassy who dispatched my visa 20 minutes early and in perfect English. Q.E.D