Note to self: You are NOT insane!

Twas 8 am on a Friday and full of a cold I ascended the stairs to my morning class; all but one attended, the ubiquitously absent Judy. That was as good as it gets.

“Name some famous explorers?” I said.

“Columbus” was the answer.

“More” I said, then silence….

“How about women, like Freya Stark?” I said. “How about famous Korean‘s?”….. then silence, total unadulterated silence. I waited 3 minutes “Alex, talk to me”, “Andrew, talk to me” and finally “Jason, talk to me”, silence!

I know they had tests all day yesterday but this was surreal.  In all my 20 plus years I have never met this.  You self-analyze; do they hate me? Have I upset them? Is it my sneezing? Finally I said” if you refuse to talk then return to your home room teachers”. They did.

I still have no idea why I had been transported back to “Tales of the Unexpected” but my next class was cancelled allowing me to bang this down into the keyboard. It’s weekend in 6 hours!

No third grade next week as they’ve got tests; let us hope they emerge un-muted from the other side!