Jake and Dinos: High Skills and Provocation

Having just left the exhibition and gorged on my stale “premium” sandwich; I thought I’d jot a few lines down in celebration of modern art! Morrissey can wait until tomorrow!

I’d never seen Jake and Dino’s work in the flesh so to speak! and I’m oft dismissive of d’art moderne as I rarely get it and to me it’s never as pleasing on the eye as say good architecture. I understand the science of architecture but not necessarily that of our new wave of 90s artistes. But, and I rarely start a sentence with a “but” coz Mrs Bowden told me not to, I get these two. They carry forward a simple satirical message in the age-old tradition of cartoonists and juxtapose that with a range of awesome modelling and drafting skills in the vein of Tim Burton. The work is challenging but on point and I’d gladly display them in my very French Gray living room. To be breviloquent about the installation; its extensity bridges ideas of war, genocide, sex, death and consumerism with wit and energy. It’s scope is diverse and iconoclastic and covers 2 decades of their work.

If you’re in Seoul go, if not look up the following for further information:

Minderwertigkinder and Two Large Paintings
One Day You Will No Longer Be Loved
Bedtime Tales for Sleepless Nights
The Chess Set
The Same Thing But Silver
No Woman No Cry
Unhappy Feet

I wonder what Morrissey would think?