Audio Heaven! My New Travelling Companions

2013 was generally a good year except for the inept UK “professionals” who invaded my life mid-term. I dealt with politicians, former tenants, greedy house buyers, estate agents, property managers and solicitors, they all are  generally defined by their incompetence but if nowt else lack humanism and the ability to communicate effectively. Let’s hope the middle part of their 2014 is as crap as they made mine in 2013 . Hades will welcome them soon and despite their best efforts my Myanmar trip will be worth the pain they inflicted!

On a positive note, to enhance my vacation I have the new iPad Air 64G; awesome and much faster and lighter plus my favourite purchase of 2013 my Audio Technica ATH-ES7 Headphones. These cans are top-notch and every back-packer or flaneur should have a pair.  They are particular useful when shopping in SK as they cut out the incessant miethering even when you’ve told the salesperson you don’t understand them. In addition the maelström of noise created by Korean kids is lanced to Room 101 along with the behemoths that inhabited ABC shoe stores  and the God-botherer outside e-mart :-).


To review these super cans click this link for What HiFi’s comments.

Audio Technica ATH-ES7

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