I’ve been off the political soapbox for quite a while; as many, disengaged by our disingenuous and immoral leaders who prefer self preservation to enriching the lives of many. As we travel through 2014 towards the 2015 National Election there will be many lies, much back-stabbing and a maelstrom of points-scoring. It’s simple really, do you have a social conscience? Yes immigration is a concern without proper controls but the Tories scaremongering should be countered by the centre left providing reasonable policies that limit the publics concerns. I celebrate what immigration has offered the UK. I worked in a Central London college long enough to know how our country has given opportunity not just to individuals but to generations of the same family. I also lived in multi-cultural South Tottenham and saw the negative side of “open doors” and “economic tourism”. It is NOT discriminatory to have concerns! I saw on a daily basis heavily inebriated Eastern Europeans harassing young women at the subway; I complained to the local council and Mr. LAMY without success.

I live in South Korea at the moment, probably one of the most economically protectionist (unless you’re American) and racist nations I have visited but I’d like to think my experience and cultural values are opening the minds of the kids that I teach. Gove says it has the best education system in the world. Sorry to disappoint him, that’s bullshit; there is a culture of dog eat dog, teacher centred learning is king and creative thinking not allowed to flourish. The “smart” celebrated, minions are effectively suppressed and the needy forgotten. Does this remind you of anything? Yes, the Tory party and #osbornism.

Osbornism is destroying the social fabric that makes us different; maybe for good. Labour needs to stand up and provide policies that are creative, deliverable and properly costed. We need to give Miliband a chance. He seems a thoughtful though not charismatic man, certainly not an Obama. He may, like Obama, fail to turn his rhetoric into success but let’s ditch presidential style politics that mask the lack of true implantable policies. For the disengaged and I, this would be not labours last chance but politics last chance. If he (Miliband) can’t sort things out I will flaneur around the globe until I die but let’s give him that chance and #killosbornism!