Cycling along the Chungju River

Last Sunday despite the humidity I took an early morning ride towards Kongkuk University passing the lush green paddies, vibrant yellow flowers and crippled workers before stopping at  Chungyeolsa Temple for some refreshing spring water.

The temples had a recent paint job and the colours of the pigments are electric. The artists have done a particularly good job with the fretwork and carvings on the doors. I think the 4 coloured animal motifs are dragons though I’m not 100% sure! The panels are decorated with reliefs showing baby-faced mini-me monks engaged in study, prayer and sleep etc. The 600 year old cedar tree which graces the temple has beautiful rust coloured bark and the nearby spring delivers fresh water from the bowels of the earth through a turtles mouth.

I cycled back through the student residential area and noticed a doorway decorated with a  Che motif. It was dripping wet by this time so settled down with a honeyed green tea and ginger potion taking in yet another chapter of the Mozza autobiography.

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