Summer Vacation: The Airport

First of all this post is 10 days late but congratulations to Rory M even if he is a United supporter, dumping the fiancé was certainly a good career move. “It is what we fear that happens to us” said Oscar Wilde but it’s more about making what we desire happen to us if we focus and work hard enough.

Leaving my CELTA homework on the back burner it was time for that most revered past-time, the summer vacation. In the weeks ahead I would be cosseted in the bosom of my family, visit the beautiful West Lakes of Cumbria, catch up with old friends in Liverpool, visit the oasis of calm in Languedoc before returning to the Land if the Morning Calm and soju induced coma.

I first pottered over to NH bank to confirm my “Global” card could actually be used globally at all cash points bearing the Visa sign, the answer was of course negative! Cycling backed I noticed the freshly painted murals of Chungju Lido which only seems to open ” on demand” unlike the BBC iPlayer this last weekend.

Armed with 576 track Summer playlist and my Sennheiser Momentum’s I departed for blighty. At this juncture I’d like to say For any travel playlist you have to include sarf London’s Nitin Sawhney, a musical god!

Chungju Terminal cackled with irritated and irrational people devoid of life’s normal pleasantries absorbed in their self-indulgent quests to get to some destination at the expense of others. Some folk defy this mass hysteria, a sophisticated lady shone in her tweeds! She had an air of Freya Stark about her. An old lady ravaged by years spent in the fields propped herself on a rickety stick closely followed by her upright offspring who probably never stepped foot in a field but plenty department stores.

The Airport Express was pretty full but as it transpired only three of the passengers continued beyond Dong Seoul Terminal to Incheon. At the terminal there’s a 19 minute layover for toilet duty. I gestured a No1 to the drivers who gesticulated and grumbled noisily. Ignoring him I let nature take its inimitable course courted at the urinals by the driver in question. We sped away on time arriving at Incheon 3 hours post departure.

I stored my bag and pottered around the airport looking for iPhone snaps. The airport is well-lit but the miserable weather meant poor light for photos, I tried my best on this my “last night on maudlin street” for a month.

Consumed by “Morrissey” I gorged on my playlist until the nightmare of the reclining seat delivering me 28cm of face room began. Emirates: service excellent, A380 pristine and full with its walnut window surrounds, seats comfortable but there is NO place for reclining seats in Economy Class. After dinner of Pumpkin & Broccoli salad, Mexican Chicken and a very pleasant French AOC, I fell into a 5 hour slumber.

Waking up next to my rather cool looking Korean Neighbour with two-tone Ray-bans and tasty loafers, I felt quite claustrophobic. I decided to construct a complaint to emirates about my battery hen lifestyle. I notice the trendy Korean wasn’t so style conscious after all as he displayed a penchant for Paul McCartney and Robbie! He then try’s to get the American “Office”, of course having zero knowledge of the British version. He gives up with a count of no giggles and few facial gestures that imitate smiles. It’s now time for a Korean drama, gangsters of course; much shouting, wailing banshee women, chain-smoking and pools of blood. It seems to me that most Korean drama are a microcosm of our many world conflicts, a visit to the Pulitzer Prize exhibit would deliver more relevant emotions and would at least have some cultural value. That’s bearing in mind of course at its core is the US’s belief that only news involving its citizens is worthwhile!

I just realised that Craig David can always find grace on a summer playlist as can the dichotomy that is Peggy Lee and Passion Pit. Some of my choices are just soundtracks to crazy summers in Spain in Greece, others recommended by Guy Garvey or distant memories. The latest Elbow single sears through the headphones and New York Morning reminds me of my 94-96 summers wrestling with tourists working on Lady Liberty. Wiley deliver a street “Summertime Fever” with its pulsating base followed by Simon & Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound”. Ah Charlene “You’ve Never Been to Me” and the new La Roux “Let Me Down Gently”, Midnight at Maria’s “Oasis” and then Oasis with “Champagne Supernova”. As we start our descent Mahler’s: 10 Symphonien Orchestrated by Sir Simon and the BPO and as we land MGMT “Time to Pretend” epic sweeping electronica ignited by Vorsprung Durch Technique!

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