Summer Vacation: The Journey to Languedoc

Yesterday I left for Languedoc and a rendezvous with Susan and Paul. At Liverpool John Lennon airport I was processed swiftly and efficiently but the yellow peril that is Ryanair left 20 minutes late. After a physical battering from a baby wielding a well chewed rabbit and an aural assault from the excruciatingly ADHD scouse mother I avoided the scratch card attack and settled down for a nap. The slumber was regularly aborted by the fact that leaflets regularly hit my chops along with the ever lively rabbit and it’s sister frog!

As I’d slept well the night before and resisted the Pinot Grigio which meant I would arrive in Carcassonne reasonably refreshed and the yellow peril had dispatched enough fuel and lottery tickets to make up for lost time. The “dint” in the right hand wing obviously had no impact on the 737-800s performance though it had been the subject of heated debate onboard. The descent into Carcassonne was smooth and the skies relatively cloudless. The hooligan baby sucked on its bottle and my journey as an infants punchbag was soon to be over. A distant view of the medieval Cite and touchdown.

Gentrification shad been made to Carcassonne’s meagre terminal and a lovely cafe with outdoor terrace had been added which is good for those meeting relatives and friends. We traversed the gorgeous vineyards and sunflower field for 25 minutes before arriving at Belveze Du Raze my home for the next 4 nights.

After a lovely linguine lunch washed down with Le Fort vin rouge we took a stroll into the countryside to exercise the dogs. The masterful pose of Voltaire the black Labrador was noticeably missing as his family had moved from the farm. Georgie and Missy careered through the walls of sunflower but never out of site. On our return we caught up with the second half of Man U Vs Liverpool and later satisfied our appetites with Salad Nicoises and a taste of Minervois.