Faux SK Apple Store Frisbee – the Poorest After Sales on the Planet

On Friday as it was a public holiday and the day after my return landing in SK. I pottered to Hannam-dong, Seoul, to find more street art. It was uncomfortably hot and humid as I climbed the concrete footpaths that snaked through the shanty’s which cling to the hill. Some of the art had been destroyed but around 50% had survived the two years since inception.

Later I met FOBY for a pot-sticker lunch and a natter before taking a post flight nap. I wasn’t in party mood Friday evening but I took a long walk to Dondaemun and Naksan then grabbed baked chicken and beers. Saturday was “fix technology day”.

I’d been reliably informed that the insurance on my IPhone 5S would offer me a replacement screen for free. Most Koreans live with cracked screens and no bus journey is complete without the sound of Samsung’s hitting the deck. My phone was in pristine condition but just before Summer vacation it had been somersaulted from my grasp and a small crack was the result. I was told to visit the Frisbee store by SK Telecom, they would access the database to check my insurance and then repair on the spot. Buoyed by this news I also decided to ask about my failing iPad Air screen which had developed a growing smudge under the glass, it too was under guarantee.

Just to explain that there are NO Apple Stores in SK but the re-seller is called Frisbee. The stores are decked out like Apple Stores but with no Genius Bar. Frisbee, Gangnam, was the store I’d purchased from and that’s where I headed. Being first in store I had 6 assistants at my disposal, a boy with excellent English explained that they only sell products and have no after-sales service.  I was given a map in Korean and told to either walk 20 minutes or take the subway to Seolleung to a U Base Service Centre who would “investigate” my problems. Fortunately for me I know the area well and so after being dismissed I headed over there. How anyone new to SK would fare is anybody’s guess.

I can confirm at this juncture that despite the fact that Frisbee has no “duty of care” towards its customers the system once understood works! The guy at U Base was fabulous, firstly agreeing to order and provide me with a brand new iPad within 7 days. Secondly he gave me a brand new iPhone 5S, the downside being I had to pay 345k won, 70% of which can be re-claimed via the insurance.

So there you have it 2 new devices and my faith restored.

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