The Trans-Siberian Journey Home

In January it’s the CELTA in Chiang Mai after which I’ll be concluding my Korean experience in March. The overland journey is more attractive than the tin bird and a Dubai Stopover. With that in mind I’ve got an epic rail journey booked, below is my trip itinerary.

10/03/2015 Seoul to Beijing (Air)
14/03/2015 Beijing to Ulan Bator
18/03/2015 Ulan-Bator to Irkutsk
23/03/2015 Irkutsk to Moscow
29/03/2015 Moscow to Prague (Air)
03/04/2015 Prague to Berlin
08/04/2015 Berlin to Amsterdam
12/04/2015 Amsterdam to Paris
17/04/2015 Paris to London
21/04/2015 Manchester

I’m so wired up for this!!!!

After a sabbatical and armed with my CELTA I’ll look for European work from September. In 4 months it’ll be goodbye to the dichotomy that is South Korea, part of Asia but so far removed. 🙂