Zapped on CELTA

Yes I’m back in Seoul for a few days post CELTA and my energy levels are well zapped. I’ve only managed a few strolls which involved more coffee stops and digital mags than I can care to imagine.

My potter yesterday threw up a few interesting characters, awesome shadow photos and a Chinese family from Chengde who bought me lunch so they could practise their English. Believe me it was not necessary but the Korean spicy beef soup or Yukaejang was top notch! It never ceases to amaze me, considering their often intertwined origins, how much better and fluent  the Chinese (post Cultural Revolution) are at my mother tongue than the Koreans. They are formidable.

Today I’m visiting the Henri Cartier-Bresson Exhibition at the DDP, the Linda McCartney retrospective at the Daelim Art Museum and checking out Mullae-dong to see if there are any new murals.

Here’s yesterdays photo diary.

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