Fear For Your Future

The latest opinion polls are frightening, if the dark ones return to power and further decimate what binds our country together I fear I’ll never want to return.

I’ve discovered Ed Balls struggles to control a stammer and he says it sometimes appears to make us think he is confused. I sympathise but he needs someone to de-clutter how he explains stuff as it simply appears he’s bungling along ad-hoc most of the time. Whatever we think about Osborne, generally speaking he appears to get “his” message over, even if we hate the bastard. His comments on the Greece situation were clear and concise.

In summary that is Labours problem they don’t communicate effectively, they’re too wrapped up in focus groups and trying to convince us they’re ordinary when most of them are not. I’d like to see a plain English manifesto, in fact they should get that into the public domain right now; stick to the message of what they will do for the majority clearly costed in black and white. The Europe situation is a good example, bulleted advantages with a clear explanation of why they will fight our corner and how they are determined dissipate the bureaucracy. Who’s the spokesman on Europe, is it Alexander? Another thing only 520 jobs rely on Trident, they’re f******* engineers for Gods sake, their skills are transferable, build our own trains instead of importing German and Japanese ones!

They’ve had 4 friggin years to work this out and are failing miserably. I despair.