Seoul: The Last Fling (Avec Trois Musketeers)

This is a short post as I’m in the throes of concluding my three years in SK prior to my March 10th Departure for China. We did have a holiday to bear before I left and so the three musketeers and I headed to Seoul for a last few days. China, Mongolia, Russia and Europe beckoned but this was a last chance to say goodbye. The lasses and I took two long walks; the first through Bukchon and up the stairway at the back of Samcheong-dong Park returning via Insadong to our digs in Jongno.  The second from Hansung University station following the Seoul wall over Naksan and through to Ihwa-dong and Dondaemun, then strolling back via Chungmuro to sample some derelict back-streets and graffitti. On friday we met up with some of my CELTA mates in Hongdeae. I stayed on to potter around and sort out my Chinese and Russian visa’s before heading back to Chungju to clear the flat for its new occupant. IMG_0017

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