Santander Strike Again and should not be allowed to exist!

You will all love this I visited 2 Santander branches and the cash machines said both my card and pin were invalid. The staff in both branches refused to help me despite me saying I would be sleeping on the streets of Amsterdam. I was told this is Santander Germany and it’s not their problem I should have cellphone and call tge international number. Santander have been given my itinerary, the dates, hotels and contact numbers. Anyway I cycled around on the verge of a nervous breakdown and actually getting palpitations. Eventually I found a machine that gave me money from the Santander card using the “invalid” pin and also got some from my Capital One Visa that the Santander machine deemed invalid. God only knows how much it’s cost me. I won’t know until I get back but how the hell can I get money like this and not from the company I’m with. I will do everything in my power when I get back to take them to the FSA and destroy them nationally. I have a life’s mission!!!!

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