The Rest of Buda and Pest

The city Budapest has widespread evidence of its 1,000-year-old culture and of others who settled here. Remains exist of both Roman occupation and that of the Turks. After the Ottomans departed the union with Austria had a particular influence on the city’s form and style.

The capital has two sides, Buda and Pest, stretching along the banks of the Danube, representing two different characters of the city.

Suburban Buda and its historic castle district offer medieval streets and houses, museums, caves and Roman ruins. The dynamic Pest side boasts the largest parliament building in Europe, riverside promenades, flea markets, bookstores, antique stores, trendy “Ruin Pubs” for example Szimpla & Fogashaz alongside historic café houses such as the New York.

Michelle has rented an apartment in the up and coming eighth district. Peruse this article from the Guardian to lean more. A Day in Budapest’s Eighth district.

Here are some of the happier shots of Buda & Pest.